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The common meeting point of various theories is that emotions cause a noticeable physical change in the body. These physical changes can be perceived as body sensations. For example, fear causes an increase in heartbeat and happiness induces an expansive feeling in the chest and a feeling of lightness. Your atlove2titude towards life events and cognitive abilities largely determines your response and feeling. A positive mental attitude is a very good insurance against temperamental mood and can ensure good physical and emotional health.

A negative approach to life leads to depletion of energy. This reduces overall energy and makes you feel depressed and inactive. Positivity, on the other hand, energizes and motivates. You can help yourself to attain a positive mental attitude. This can ultimately affect your performance at work, give you overall happiness and give you a better temperament.

Idling unless you are resting with a purpose can lead to negative thoughts. There is an old saying that ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. Keep busy with physical and mental activities and rest only when you need to. While resting, try to connect with your spirituality. Inner peace comes easily with faith and ultimately leads to positive thoughts.

Writing dowforgivingn your thoughts is also a good idea. Make a list and then sift through it later. Try and rewrite all negative thoughts in a positive manner till it becomes a habit. Avoid using no, don’t, and cannot as much as you can. Be rewriting your negative thoughts, you will actually train your mind to think more positively.

Love transforms us all. The habit of showing love and expressing it has been lost in the rat race. Absence of love is one of the basic causes of depression, anxiety and anger. Love others unconditionally and allow yourself to be loved.

Nothing elevates mood better than laughter. Watch comedy shows regularly or simply act silly to make yourself laugh. Join a laughter club. It is good breathinglaughing-baby and facial exercise too and helps to elevate spirits.

Lack of proper communication often leads to bad blood, even among friends. Make sure that you do not make statements frivolously without thinking of the impact it may have on the other person. Avoid caustic remarks.

Carrying emotional baggage is sure to make you retain negativity. Forget and forgive is the best way to move forward in life. The past has happened and gone forever. Focus on the present and the goodness that lies within you.

Help others and you will find that it gives rise to a lot of positive thoughts. Help a blind man cross the road and see the amount of happiness it gives you.

If you find your thoughts wandering try to change the environment and go for a walk or meet friend. Wandering thoughts are more likely to focus on the negative. Changing the environment lets you divert your attention to better and positive things.

3 thoughts on “Useful positive attitude tips”

  1. Excellent tips, thanks. I try to do the following 5 things each day to combat possible negative thoughts and to make me feel more happy. They can often be quite small things.
    (1) something for the body; (e.g. excercise or yoga, eating healthy food, getting some fresh air)
    (2) something for the mind; (e.g. being creative, actively concentrating on something, avoiding daydreaming but can include resting)
    (3) something for others; (the act of giving or making someone else’s day better)
    (4) something for the future (anything that leaves myself and the world better off than before);
    (5) something for love (rememberable, quirky, humourous, passionate, relaxing, enjoyable – might be as simple as watching the stars, or having a cream cake treat, or just being with a loved one.

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