Self motivation and positive attitude

self-motivationSelf motivation and positive attitude are almost intertwined. A positive attitude is a prerequisite to self motivation and therefore it is essential that if one wants to stay motivated at all times one should adopt a positive mental attitude.

However, attaining a positive attitude is not easy. It requires you to be in a state of general happiness, which can be attained only if you are at peace with yourself.

Man has tried to ‘find happiness’ for years. But it is ironical that he searches for this happiness in places far and wide while it can be found only within oneself. The real search for happiness starts by looking ‘inside’ and understanding the real purpose of ones life. It is important to realize the happiness is relative in nature and that while some find it in work, achievement and success, others find it in love, relationships and family ties, affectionate friendships and in faith.

It is also important to understand that is one tries to seek happiness in external material gains or even in external manifestations of love from others, there is only disappointment to be found. The main idea is to accept your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, situation and life as it is. Complete acceptance of the situation leads to a feeling of contentment and happiness at what you have.

A positive perspective towards all events in life can lead to happiness and emotional wellness. As the saying goes, “I was pining about the fact that I did not have shoes, when I saw a man without feet”.

However, all of the above does not mean that you should lead yourself to total contentment and complacency. It is necessary that you dissociate your happiness from the daily efforts that you need to make to make your life better. By all means, set material objectives for yourself and do everything in your scope to make them possible. But do not allow the success of these efforts to rule your overall attitude and well being.

Over time, you will realize that it is this positive attitude and the ability to motivate yourself under any circumstances that aids you in the process of achieving your goals. Optimism can break the dismal ropes of negativity and rationalism and can help you accomplish tasks that otherwise seem impossible. A positive attitude can help you take failure in your stride.

When you are ‘happy’ and have a positive attitude, you do not need to rely on external motivation to achieve and accomplish goals. On the other hand, in the absence of self motivation, initial spurts in motivation caused by external sources, tend to wear off after the initial euphoria.

A spiritual understanding of life, a positive attitude, proper perspective of the events of life can help you achieve a continuous state of motivation. Such a high level of self motivation can stand the test of mood swings, transient depression or failures.

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  2. Develop a positive attitude. Stop thinking of yourself as stupid or good for nothing. The more you have a negative self esteem the worse are your chanses to be effected by stress related problems.

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