Herbal teas for emotional help

herbal-chamomile-teaEveryone suffers from ‘blues’ once in a while. The feeling of gloominess that seemingly overwhelms us at times is often confused with depression. In fact, in most cases, these are transient mood swings that vanish on their own as soon as your attention is diverted by something more interesting and engrossing.

But there are times when such feelings refuse to go away due to the strong impact that certain events may have of on our psyche. Such episodes also do not fall under clinical depression because, to be classified as clinical depression, at least five symptoms of depression that include anxiety, sleeping and eating disorders and inability to derive pleasure need to be consistently present for more than three months. These symptoms need to be severe enough to affect normal work for the condition to be unequivocally classified as depression in the medical sense.

Transient depressive feelings can be caused by minor disturbances in the balance of brain chemicals that are responsible for emotional wellness. But in most cases, it is an environmental factor like physical illnesses, anxiety about future and other such incidents that cause emotional distress.

Such incidents do not merit the need for antidepressants or sleeping pills since they have their own adverse side effects that can harm you significantly. It is better to opt for natural remedies like herbal teas that provide a better and safer solution to the problem.

Herbal teas have multiple medicinal benefits that include easy elimination, aiding the body in fighting disease and relaxing tense nerves. Most herbal teas are so safe that they can be taken daily in recommended quantities without the fear of any kind of side effect.

There are many combinations of herbal teas that can be prepared to provide health benefits. Depressive mood and anxiety normally lead to a disturbed sleep and some of the herbs that are used as herbal teas have mild sedative effects that help in attaining sound sleep. Chamomile, passion flower, jasmine and lemon balm are the most prominent of herbs that have a relaxing and soothing effect on the nerves. These can be ingested in the form of herbal teas on a daily basis. Ginger tea has powerful anti fungal, anti spasmodic and digestive properties in addition to the other benefits mentioned above.

Physical illnesses are also a major source of frequent emotional upsets. Taking herbal teas on a regular basis can increase your immunity and prevent medical conditions. The strong antioxidant properties of herbal teas help in eliminating and preventing accumulation of toxins in the body.

Based on these properties, herbal teas positively affect the overall emotional health of a person and therefore can provide an excellent alternative to conventional drugs.

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