Coconut Oil Health and Beauty Benefits

Coconut on Beach

Coconut oil, sometimes known as coconut butter, is made by extracting oil from dried coconuts. Virgin coconut oil doesn't contain any dangerous hydrogenated or trans-fatty acids. Health benefits of coconut oil can be... Read more ->


How to get rid of cellulite: Natural home remedies

Aromatherapy BathCellulite decorates thighs and bottoms of about 95 per cent of women of all ages, body types, and body weights to a greater or lesser extent. How to get rid of it?... Read more ->

Emotional Wellness

Useful positive attitude tips

LoveThe common meeting point of various theories is that emotions cause a noticeable physical change in the body. These physical changes can be perceived as body sensations. For example, fear causes an increase in heartbeat and... Read more ->


How to make healthy smoothies: Smoothie recipes

Green SmoothieHealthy SmoothiesBerries SmoothieI love smoothies… They prove that tasty food can be healthy too! Smoothies are a great way to snack... Read more ->

Weight Loss

Boost your metabolism

MetabolismMetabolism is the rate at which body burns calories to perform all of its activities, including breathing, digestion, and circulation. A person’s metabolism can be affected by such factors as age, gender, genetics, stress, and the amount of exercise the person gets... Read more ->


How to make exercise a habit

Ball ExerciseExcuse: tired and hungry after work
The solution to giving yourself enough energy to hit the gym before dinner could be to switch to a protein snack, or one that balances protein, fiber and carbs. Sugary snacks, including fruit, can make some people feel more hungry instead of less. Use lots of water to wash down... Read more ->


Detox yoga sequence

Detox YogaStart a detoxing and calorie torching bonfire using this sequence in your regular practice – it will transform your body, mind and heart! Watch more ->

Going Green

What are the most important foods to buy organic?

Organic TomatoesMost people don’t make the switch to naturally-grown overnight, but if you want a good place to start, the list below should help you to select foods that are less heavily contaminated with pesticide and insecticide residues... Read more ->


Ten steps to better communication: Save your marriage

Happy CoupleWhile there are many factors that are important in the success or failure of a marriage, the ability to communicate with each other is one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest! I work extensively with couples, both online and offline... Read more ->

Glycerin benefits and uses: Natural homemade recipes with glycerin

vegetable-glycerine-skin-carePure vegetable glycerin has wonderful cleansing, moisturizing, emollient, soothing and lubricating properties. It acts as a humectant, attracting water to the skin to restore suppleness. Glycerin kills all bacteria by instantly drawing the water out of them. Glycerin is naturally low in toxins and rarely produces an allergic reaction, therefore very good to use on children’s … Read more

Alison Gopnik: What do babies think?

“Babies and young children are like the R&D division of the human  species,” says psychologist Alison Gopnik. Her research explores the  sophisticated intelligence-gathering and decision-making that babies are  really doing when they … Read more

11 Wonderful Benefits of Vitamin E

Epidemiologists estimate that approximately one-third of all cancer deaths can be attributed to diet. Some eminent scientists believe that vitamin E protects the cell against cancer-inducing agents, particularly those in air pollution and … Read more

Mood swings: Printable mood chart

Mood charting could be very helpful for finding what is triggering your mood swings. This mood chart has helped me understand the importance of daily exercise for me, and I hope it will help you get better control of your moods … Read more

Obstacles and Desires

dog-on-with-a-leashSome time ago I saw a cartoon of a dog straining at its leash, barking ferociously at a cat, as if to say, “Just lemme at ‘em.” The cat wasn’t too shabby – actually looked mean – and was at least as big as the dog. All of a sudden in the middle of a ferocious bark, the leash snapped so the dog was free to go after the cat. He looked astonished. Scared to death. He quickly grabbed the leash, ran back and tied a triple knot. Then, he could again safely strain at the leash and bark his fiery, “Just lemme at … Read more

Aloe vera rejuvenating face serum

Aloe is an all-around skin healer that hydrates deeply without having a greasy feeling. With a clean, fresh feel this serum is wonderful for all skin … Read more

What do "green produce" labels mean?

Free Range or Free Roaming:

There is no guarantee that the cows and chickens actually got … Read more

Natural PMS reliever recipe

Rose essential oil is wonderful for helping to relieve those PMS blues. It’s cooling, relaxing and is commonly used as an antidepressant. All you need … Read more

Organic teething biscuites: Healthy, tasty and easy to make

baby-teething1 cup organic whole-wheat flour
1 cup organic dry baby rice cereal
3 tbsp. virgin coconut oil
Ice … Read more

Best plants that clean air

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to a huge range of substances, while our hours spent indoors result in constant exposure to indoor air polutants. Bring the outdoors indoors! It will help you protect your health and make you sleep sweeter. These plants are great for cleaning the … Read more

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